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Department of Psychology

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Samantha Stevens
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The GISP lab welcomes Fall 2022 RAs – Taryn Green, Lorin Harris, Kaden Litzinger, Patrick Marquet, Alex Olper, Mariana Rodrigues, & Kevin Wang. We appreciate your contributions to our research!

The GISP lab is excited to work with Kevin Wang, a Schreyer Scholar who will be conducting his undergraduate honors thesis with Jonathan during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Our best wishes and congratulations to former GISP lab member, Mikey Pasek, who is starting this fall as Assistant Professor of Psychology at University of Illinois, Chicago!

Congrats to Dr. Hyun Joon Park who became in August 2022 the third member of the GISP lab to earn a Ph.D. We are excited for Dr. Park’s transition to his new role as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Connecticut College.

Congratulations and a fond farewell to Nicole Horner, who is leaving her role as GISP lab manager for the past two years to begin as a Ph.D. student in social psychology at Princeton University! Congrats, Nicole! We’ll miss you!

Congrats to Dr. Peter Ruberton, who is leaving his position as a postdoctoral scholar with the GISP lab to start a new role as a behavioral researcher for Edward Jones. We are very appreciative for Peter’s scholarship and collegiality and wish him the best of luck moving forward.

Congrats to Hyun Joon who successfully defended his dissertation!

Congrats to Samantha, who passed her comprehensive exam and is now ABD (all but dissertation). We’re proud of you!

Samantha received a 2021-2022 Matthew Ryan Serafino Graduate Scholarship from the Psychology Department! The award recognizes outstanding performance by a psychology graduate student. Congrats, Sam!

Congratulations to our graduating undergraduate research assistants, Varun Rajan & Jessica Sunds! Thanks for your work in the lab and good luck in your future careers!

Jonathan contributes a section on practical, theoretical, and methodological effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on social stigma in a new article in Perspectives on Psychological Science.

Peter gave the talk, Belonging Intervention Mitigates Daily Psychological Threats Among Female PhD Students, at #SPSP2022 as part of a symposium organized by Jonathan and Peter on the social psychology of doctoral education.

Hyun Joon gave a talk on Academic Integration and Interpersonal Disconnection Among Lower SES Ph.D. Students at #SPSP2022 as part of a symposium organized by Jonathan and Peter on the social psychology of doctoral education.

Jason presented his poster, Concealment Predicts Straight Men’s Honesty Assessments of Sexual Minority Men, co-authored with Jonathan, at #SPSP2022!

Samantha gave a talk on Using Latent Class Analysis to Predict Doctoral Student Attrition Risk at #SPSP2022 as part of a symposium organized by Jonathan and Peter on the social psychology of doctoral education.

Jonathan gave a talk on the Psychology of Incoming Ph.D. Students by Race, Gender, & SES at #SPSP2022 as part of a symposium organized by Jonathan and Peter on the social psychology of doctoral education.

Congrats to Jason on successfully defending his comprehensive exam. You’re ABD!

Jonathan gave a talk on Understanding Psychological Phenomena in the Real World: Time and Change to Penn State Ph.D. students studying Social Data Analytics.

Jonathan is a principal investigator (with Ciara Glover and Suazette Mooring) on a newly-funded three-year NSF collaborative proposal that examines the effect of adversity experiences on the motivation, performance, and persistence of STEM college students.

Jonathan received supplemental NSF funding to contribute to ongoing research on social psychological aspects of STEM Ph.D. education.

Jonathan was the keynote speaker at Penn State Greater Allegheny’s inaugural All Campus Day, a professional development and strategic planning initiative in August 2021.

Jonathan gave an invited talk on the Science of Inclusion to instructors in Penn State’s Learning Edge Academic Program, which is designed to help students successfully make the transition to college.

Jonathan spoke to members of the Equity Pedagogy Network in the Eberly College of Science at Penn State on the Science of Inclusion .

Jonathan spoke to Penn State’s Undergraduate Education Council on the Science of Inclusion.

Congrats to Jason on successfully defending his masters thesis on the implications of sexual identification for well-being and stigma among men with same-sex attractions.

Congrats to Samantha on successfully defending her masters thesis, which used latent class analysis to create risk profiles of incoming STEM doctoral students.

GISP lab RA, Allis Choi, presented the poster, Person-Environment Fit Predicts Better Psychological and Performance Outcomes for Ph.D. Students., co-authored with Jonathan, Peter, and Hyun Joon, at #SPSP2021!

Jason presented the poster, Unpacking Male Non-Heterosexuality: Implications of Sexual Identification for Perceptions of Stigma, Concealment Behaviors, and Well-Being, co-authored with Jonathan, at #SPSP2021!

Samantha presented the poster, Identifying Ph.D. Students at Risk of Attrition: A Latent Class Analysis Approach, co-authored with Jonathan and Peter, at #SPSP2021!

Samantha presented the poster, Leveraging Latent Class Analysis to Explore the Effects of Belonging and Values-Affirmation Interventions in Doctoral Students, co-authored with Jonathan and Peter, at the Intervention Science Preconference of #SPSP2021!

Jonathan spoke on The Science of Inclusion at the All Staff Retreat for Penn State Learning, a tutoring program for undergraduate students.